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1. How much will I get paid?

- If you are a producer, vocalist, lyricist, A&R Manager, Brand's Curator or Art & Creative Director your reward will have a certain % and depends on your work's success. In differnt cases it varies. For all the others the reward will be fixed. The details are talked over when a person is accepted for resident.

2. What does exactly to be the "Resident" mean?

- Unlike usual view on job, being the resident is about making your dreams come true. Whatever role you choose, you choose it because you enjoy it. Our goal is to turn your passion into success. Being the resident means to be surrounded by people with the same thoughts, aspiration and be motivated by them. For each role being the resident has a unique definition. However, in general the definition would be - being a part of a collective who you build your future and make your dreams come true together with.
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