Caledonian Park Usage Survey
We are conducting this short questionnaire to find out how visitors use Caledonian Park and how we can make it a welcoming venue for the diverse park users. Your time in completing this survey is greatly appreciated.
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How often do you visit Caledonian Park
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What days do you typically visit?
What time of day do you typically visit?
How long do you typically spend in the park? (e.g. 1hr 30min)
How far do you travel to visit Caledonian Park? (approx. in miles)
What draws you to Caledonian Park?
How much do you appreciate the following in Caledonian Park on a scale from 1 to 5?
1 (Very much)
3 (Neutral)
5 (Not at all)
Cattle market railing
Community garden
Flower beds
Hedged gardens
Heritage centre
Information boards
Long grass meadows
Manicured lawn
Nature conservation
Outdoor classroom
Public toilets
Rubbish bins
Wooded area
Are you aware of any of the group/club activities in the park?
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Are you a member of a group/club active in the park? (leave blank if not)
Would you be interested in joining any of the below groups?
How would you like to see park events and activities advertised on a scale of 1 - 5?
1 (very much)
3 (neutral)
5 (not at all)
On the permanent info board
On temporary placards around the park
By mailing list
On social media
Do you have any other suggestions for how we could best advertise events and activities in the park?
What improvements/changes would you appreciate in Caledonian Park?
Do you have any concerns with Caledonian Park?
How safe do you feel in Caledonian Park?
Very safe
Very unsafe
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Do you have any comments on your answer to the previous question?
What age group are you?
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Which of the following best describes you?
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What is your ethnicity?
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