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Precious Fur Cat Sitting cares for cats in the comfort of their own homes all over SF and the East Bay, 365 days a year from 6am to 9pm, but we are especially busy on the weekends and holidays while folks travel for all sorts of celebrations. To ensure we can take care of ALL lonely kitties, we rely on several flexible part-time professional employees with varying availability to cover specific territories and work with a management team that takes care of client scheduling and other office communication.

We currently have openings for a few flexible part-time employees across the city. Compensation starts at $16 per 30-minute visit and $28 per hour-long visit, with the opportunity for performance-based rate increases and role advancement. Additionally, sitters receive reimbursements for cell phone usage; mileage and parking fees; and often receive tips from happy clients.

Although the company schedule is created and maintained by management staff, each sitter has the flexibility and expectation to manage their own individual schedules within company time windows (see below) and client service dates. Employees must have and maintain a smart phone with a cellular data plan and functional camera and have excellent communication skills.

Are you interested in making some supplemental income by making kitties feel loved and cared for while their families are away? Please apply by completing the following survey.

If it looks like you might be a good fit, we'll be in touch via email. Please note that sometimes our responses get filtered to SPAM/PROMOTIONS/SOCIAL folders. You can reach us with any questions at  

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Marina / Cow Hollow
FIDI / North Beach / Russian Hill
Pac Heights / Nob Hill
SOMA / Rincon
Haight / Panhandle
Noe / Castro
Forest Hill / Glen Park / Ingleside
Potrero / Mission Bay
Precious Fur SF Territories Map
Precious Fur East Bay Territories Map
We visit clients at all times of day, which allows our employees some schedule flexibility. Clients can choose a window of time to have their cat visited. In which of these time blocks could you possibly be available to complete one or more 30- or 60-minute visits?
Early Morning (6am to 9am)
Morning (9am to 12pm)
Midday (12pm to 3pm)
Afternoon (3pm to 6pm)
Late Evening (6pm to 9pm)
How may sits per day would you prefer? (understanding that schedules are based on client demand, so some days may be light or open, even if you are available) *
What weekly personal obligations do you currently have? (ie., school, other job, volunteering, etc) *
Our clients need us most during holidays commonly observed by US businesses/schools and the summer. For those special visits, clients do pay a premium, which is passed on to sitters. Please check all holidays that you would likely be able to visit a few kitties: *
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In 25 words or less, please explain your experience with cats. *
Sometimes our furry clients require medication. Do you have experience & the ability to administer any of the following medications to a cat? (check all that apply) *
You arrive at a client's home and discover you have lost the key. What do you do? *
You arrive at a client's home and find the cat lying on the floor panting. Kitty does not want to stand up and hasn’t eaten. What do you do? *
While at a client's home, you encounter a litter box that is different than anything you've seen before. What do you do?
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