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1. Introduction
   Welcome to the University of Southern Philippines Foundation. This Privacy Policy (also known as a Privacy Notice) tells you about our policy regarding the data that we collect, use, disclose and transfer, including your personal data. If you are the parent/legal guardian of an applicant, student, or alumnus who is a minor (below 18 years old), understand that this Policy refers to the personal data of your child/ward.

   We respect your right to privacy and aim to comply with the requirements of all relevant privacy and data protection laws, particularly the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA). In line with this, we will cooperate fully with the National Privacy Commission (NPC) when it goes about its work of implementing the DPA. Like the NPC, we are also committed to striking a balance between your personal privacy, which is important to us, and the free flow of information, especially when this is necessary to uphold our legitimate interests, and to effectively carry out our responsibilities as an educational institution.

   In this Policy, the terms, “data” and “information” are used interchangeably. When we speak of “personal data”, the term includes the concepts of personal information, sensitive personal information, and privileged information. Among them, the first two are typically used to distinctively identify you. For the exact definitions of these terms, you may refer to the text of the DPA. You should also note that while we give examples here to explain this Policy in simple and clear language, these examples do not make up an exhaustive list of all the data that we process.

2. Information We Collect, Acquire, or Generate
  We collect, acquire, or generate your personal data in many forms. They may consist of written records, photographic and video images, digital material, and even bio-metric records. Examples include:  

  2.a. Information you provide us during your application for admission. When you apply with us for admission, we collect directory information, like your name, email address, telephone number, and other contact details. We also collect data about your personal circumstances, such as your family history, previous schools attended, academic performance, disciplinary record, employment record, medical record, etc.

  2.b. Information we collect or generate after enrollment and during the course of your stay with us. After you join the University, we may also collect additional information about you, such as:

          2.b.1. your academic or curricular undertakings, such as the classes you enroll in, scholastic performance, attendance record, etc.;
          2.b.2. co-curricular matters you may engage in, such as service learning, outreach activities, internship or apprenticeship compliance;  
          2.b.3. your extra-curricular activities, such as membership in student organizations, leadership positions, and participation and attendance in seminars, competitions, programs, outreach activities, and study tours;
          2.b.4. and any disciplinary incident that you may be involved in, including accompanying sanctions. There will also be times when we will acquire other forms of data like pictures or videos of activities you participate in, via official documentation of such activities, or through recordings from closed-circuit security television cameras installed within school premises.  
  2.c. Unsolicited Information. There may be instances when personal information is sent to or received by us even without our prior request. In such cases, we will determine if we can legitimately keep such information. If it is not related to any of our legitimate educational interests, we will immediately dispose of the information in a way that will safeguard your privacy. If it is related to our legitimate educational interests, it will be treated in the same manner as information you provide us.

If you supply us with personal data of other individuals (e.g., person to contact in the event of an emergency), we will assume that you have obtained the consent of such individuals before providing us with their personal data.  

For more information for the Privacy Policy and Terms of Agreement please Visit:


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