SAURON system Evaluation Questionnaire
1 Evaluation setting at a SAURON pilot event
It is the aim to use the pilot events to evaluate the SAURON system through the perception of the user, in order to derive from that useful information to improve the SAURON system and to make it more suitable to the users’ requirements.

The target of the questionnaire is the audience of the event (including port security officers, logistics/maritime companies, port authorities etc.). They will participate as observers and will provide useful feedback and input. All relevant actors will be mobilized through the ongoing communication via emails, invitations and message notifications that they will receive from the SAURON partners.

The questionnaire contains 26 questions and can be done in 15 minutes.
2 Questionnaire characteristics
The aim is to go through the questionnaires with the users and let them answer as the final part of their participation in the pilot events.

It is the aim of the questionnaire to make everything quantifiable and measurable. However, the user’s perception is often subjective and has to be taken into account. The questionnaires include in the questions when an assessment is asked for 6 response options from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”, including (NA) option, always with possibility of commenting on the issue.

• 0 → NA: Don’t know/not applicable
• 1 → Strongly disagree
• 2 → Disagree
• 3 → Neither agree nor disagree
• 4 → Agree
• 5 → Strongly agree

The goal of the Sauron consortium is thus twofold:
• to identify any problems, to collect qualitative and quantitative data through the questionnaires in order to determine the participant's satisfaction with the SAURON system
• to disseminate the SAURON system into the maritime and port environment, presenting port and maritime actors with a concrete and integrated solution to anticipate and withstand potential cyber, physical or combined threats.

The questionnaire includes questions regarding the overall quality of the SAURON system. Quality can be measured such as in time, expressed in “Efficiency & Effectiveness”. Other quality parameters include Reliability as well as the overall quality of results and the assessed financial impact in additional questions.
3 Questionnaire
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