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1. What is cancer? *
2. What is gynecological cáncer? *
3. What is cervical cáncer? *
4. What is the major cause of cervical cancer? *
5. What is Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)? *
6. What are symptoms of having Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)? *
7. Women with HPV will develop cancer. *
8. What are possible symptoms of advanced cervical cancer? *
9. To reduce the risk of cervical cancer I can *
10. A negative HPV test means you will not get gynecological cancer. *
11. What do you do if you have a positive HPV test? *
12. It is better to wait as long as possible before starting treatment. *
13. How can you reduce the risk of cervical cancer? *
14. What is the best early detection test for ovarian cancer *
15. Vulvar cancer is most common among younger women *
16. Do you have a health care provider? *
17. What are your sources for health care information? *
18. What is your best source for health care information?
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