2021 VIRTUAL NY State Thoracic Society Pre-Test Questionnaire
Pre-Test Questionnaire
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Ilona Jaspers, PhD
E-cigarettes and Vaping: Perspectives from a concerned citizen, an inhalation toxicologist and mother of teenagers
What are common flavors that taste good but are harmful when inhaled? *
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Are the effects of e-cigarettes on the lung similar to those induced by smoking cigarettes or different? *
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Gary Nieman, Professor of Research
Mechanical Breath Magic: Gas Exchange without Tissue Damage in the ARDS lung
The lung inflates and deflates as what type of system? *
1 point
What are the two primary mechanisms of ventilator induced lung injury (VILI) at the alveolar level?
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Lindsay Lief, MD and Rany Condos, MD
Post-Acute Covid-19 Syndrome (PACS) Survivor Clinic
Which PFT abnormality has been reported as consistently affected in COVID survivors? *
1 point
What organs are affected by PACS? *
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What symptoms are most common in PACS?
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Patricia J. Sime, MD, FRCP
Updates on Management of ILD and post-COVID Pulmonary Fibrosis
Which of the following statements regarding progressive fibrotic lung disease is not true? *
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