FNACraft Ban Appeal
Your account is your responsibility.
You will be held accountable for other people's actions on your account.

Don't lie: We have evidence and methods of checking information. We will know if you are making up a story.

Don't be immature or rage quit: We understand your frustration and we are human and can make mistakes. Remain calm!

Do not tag the staff constantly, everywhere about your punishment: We do have a bot on the server that does an autoban for certain things so you may not have been banned by a staff member. Be patient. We will review things as quickly as we can and get back with you.

Do not fill this form out more than once: We are all busy people and while we appreciate your enthusiasm to get back on the server, spamming us will not get you the positive response you are looking for.

Don't make a screenshot of your Minecraft files: That's useless. We know that you can edit the photos or remove files for an image.

No need to share chat logs: We can also check all the logs in several locations on the server.

No names, ages or locations of where you live.

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What is one of the rules for the FNA Craft server? *
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