Origins 2014 Games on Demand – Game Organizer Form
Welcome Game Facilitators!
We'd love to have you join us and help run an excellent round of "indie" role-playing games in the Games on Demand room at the Origins Games Fair in Columbus, OH from June 11-15, 2014.

Facilitators who run games for 1-3 slots get our gratitude and will have their slot comp'ed if their game doesn't run.
(Assuming they spend the tokens as a player at another Games on Demand table)
Facilitators who run games for 4+ slots get the registration cost of their GM badge comp'ed, plus the above.
(Note that we will not put down any one person for more than 4 slots of facilitation + 2 slots of registration table work)
Facilitators who help us out at the registration table will also get their games for that slot comp'ed.

But there's more! We would like to conceive of our event as inclusive, queer-friendly, and welcoming to gamers of all backgrounds. We expect that you as facilitators will help us achieve this goal as well!

Before we let you start prepping and anticipating, we'd like to have a few facts about you on file.
If you could fill out these details by February 20th, we'd be most grateful!
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On what days do you expect to attend Origins 2014 this year? *
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In which time slots would you prefer to run events for Games on Demand? *
Check all that apply. Remember to plan some breaks!
Would you be willing to work the registration table in at least one slot? *
You would help muster the players for each slot and find them their proper games and game facilitators. Working the registration table does not preclude you from playing a game in that slot.
Tell us which 2 games you ABSOLUTELY want on your personal Games Menu! *
The Games Menus are used at the registration table to show what games you'd like to run. Best practice dictates that you have 2 highly visible games, and maybe a couple others listed later. These can be popular games, but they can also be your playtests, a lesser-known favorite, or whatever you want!
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Now tell us up to 3 other games you'd be enthusiastic about running...
...but you wouldn't have them front-and-center on your Games Menu.
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If demanded to do so by a crowd of players, which of the following popular indie RPGs would you be willing to run? *
Check as many as apply.
Are you interested in being involved with any of these Games on Demand-affiliated tracks?
Check any that apply, and we'll include you in those discussions. Otherwise, please ignore and move on!
How can you help us make Games on Demand a more inclusive space? *
We're looking for your help and input!
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How you can help us attract more gamers to Origins 2014? *
We're looking for your help and input!
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Anything else you recommend the organizers of Games on Demand should take into account?
Now's your chance!
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