Core Faculty Innovation Competencies
Dear Colleagues,

We are asking you to respond to four questions about core faculty innovation competencies based on your experiences working in higher education.

The four questions should take 7-10 minutes to complete.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

Rachel Niemer, University of Michigan
Mike Goudzwaard, Dartmouth College
How do you define “faculty innovator” based on your work?
Can you briefly describe two “faculty innovators” you and/or your staff have worked with recently?
For the next two questions, please refer to this list of Innovation Competencies and Mindsets
Considering the Innovation Competencies and Mindsets, what are four of these traits that the two faculty innovators in question 2 have in common? If they have more than four traits in common, please identify the ones that you believe are most important for a faculty innovator to succeed.
What’s missing from this list? Would you remove any of these because they are not foundational skills for innovation?
We may want to contact you to follow-up about your answers? If you agree to be contacted for follow-up, please share you name and email address.
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