Girls Rock Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Girls Rock Carbondale. Volunteers can sign up for as little or as much of the summer camp schedule as they are able. We will work with those who cannot be there full time. However, we need as many full time folks as possible! Counselors are full time positions. Band Coaches are pt, but often overlap as instructor positions, and may request full time.


Summer Camp: July 8-12
Showcase: July 13
Recording: July 14
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In which roles are you interested in volunteering? More roles may develop as camp evolves. Please choose all that you are interested in. *
Do you have any musical experience: teaching, playing, singing, plugging in PA systems, running sound, DJ-ing, recording, etc. Please share details! Please be concise but specific: i.e. if you were in a band, did you often run or adjust the PA system? If you have recording experience, was it analog or digital, and what software are you familiar with? If you have taught, what ages and what instruments or subjects? *
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