CFC Summer Mission Program Application
Thank you for applying for the short-term missions program at Covenant Fellowship Church. We feel privileged for the opportunity the Lord is giving us to work with you in training for His global mission. Please read the following carefully before filling out the application.

Everyone must attend SMP START
SMP Start: Informational meeting- November 11, Sunday @ 5pm @ CUCC

SMP Start:
Nov 11, Sunday @ 5pm (CUCC)

Sunday 4-8pm @ CUCC
2/17, 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/31, 4/7, 4/28

SMP Send: "Intensive training"

2 week teams: May 22 - June 10
Intensive training: May 13-22

4 week teams: June 3 - July 8
Intensive training: May 13 - June 2

1. Summer Missions Program Details:
The cost will range from $2800 to $3500, depending on which country. We will update everyone when we have the final destinations set, but please do apply by the deadline so we know who is interested.

Also, in order to be considered for the program, please note the following:
1. Have been a Christian for more than three years
2. Have been a committed church member at CFC for at least two years (For post-undergrad)
3. You are at least a sophomore
4. Recommended by small group leader
5. Currently should be actively evangelizing to non-Christians

*** After we receive your application, we will review it and contact you via phone call or email ***

2. Parental Consent:
A key element of the summer mission program is parental involvement. We feel strongly that all team members have their parents’ blessing in order to participate in our program.
(This is not required for those who are 22 and over.)

3. Church Leader Recommendation:
Each applicant is required to have his or her current small group leader submit a recommendation.
You must email your leader this link:

Note: By applying, you automatically waive the right to view your leader’s recommendation – it is strictly confidential.

4. Time Commitment: All participants will be required to attend a mandatory missions training meeting weekly for approximately 3 hours, beginning second semester. In general, the training and preparation for this summer program will demand a huge time commitment. It’s best to think of this as another 3-hour university class. If you are a student, it might do you well to have a lighter academic load, if possible.

5. Missions Bible Study & ISC conversation partners: Everyone who wishes to participate in the summer mission program will be required to have taken Missions Bible Study which is offered at CFC as a special Bible study course. If you have not taken this yet, you will be required to do so during the spring semester simultaneously with your mission training. Also, you will need to be part of the ISC conversation partner program where you will meet 1-2 international students per week for 8 weeks.

6. The first deadline for applications is Monday, November 26, 2018


We are excited about how God is leading you to apply for a summer mission program this year. We have seen many people’s lives radically changed through a summer program experience. With much prayer, we have hopes that God will lead and guide you in this very important phase of your Christian life. May the Lord be with you in your application process!

Questions? Email:

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What is your country preference? *
Please be open to going to any country. We will consider your preference but you may not get your first choice.
What is your current cumulative GPA and your last semester's GPA? *
(each applicant must be in good standing academically as we desire faithfulness in all of our callings. Write N/A if you are not a student)
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To the best of your knowledge, how long has it been since you trusted in Christ as Lord and Savior? *
Share briefly how you were saved and why you trusted in Jesus Christ.
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Please share how you are currently evangelizing with non-christians. Please be specific. *
Share how frequently you evangelize and which methods you use
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On a scale of 1-10, how are you with receiving correction? How teachable are you? *
1: very challenging; 10: open to change
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Are you in agreement and support of all of CFC's ministry principles? If so, why? And If not, please address them below with your reasons. *
(i.e. dating/courtship principles, maximum edification principles regarding alcohol, biblical stance on communion/baptism, the heart behind training, etc.)
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