Misdemeanor Probation Customer Satisfaction Survey
Mission: To assist misdemeanor probationers to become accountable and responsible to themselves, to the court, and to their community by acquiring life skills that decrease potential for continued criminal conduct.

Please rate your satisfaction with our services in chart below:
Probation staff treated me with respect and courtesy.
My Probation Officer provided individual attention to my issues.
Staff had a detailed understanding of the probation system.
My first appointment was scheduled in a timely manner.
Probation staff responded promptly to my questions, phone calls, and other contacts.
My Probation Officer answered my questions both clearly and professionally.
Clear documentation was provided to me regarding the conditions of my probation.
The life skills I learned were helpful to me to avoid future offenses.
My Probation Officer spent sufficient time with me.
The probation office is conveniently located.
Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience regarding your probation.
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