Daylighting Training Course
Leyla Sanati is an Assistant Research Professor at the University of Idaho, Integrated Design Lab. She holds a PhD in Architecture and is specialized in lighting and daylighting design. She has been teaching and researching on lighting and daylighting for the past 8 years focusing on advanced illumination assessment methods, complex fenestration systems, and climate-based daylight metrics. She is also interested in the effect of occupant behavior on buildings’ energy performance.

Course Description:
Idaho Power in partnership with the University of Idaho’s Integrated Design Lab will provide two daylighting training classes for local professionals. This training enhances knowledge of and appreciation for daylight and keeps professionals informed of the latest advances in daylighting technologies. The first class will discuss daylighting harvesting technologies and electric lighting controls with a hands on demonstration of lighting control system commissioning. The second class will discuss the fundamentals of daylighting design and its implications on visual comfort, thermal comfort, and building energy performance. You may attend one or the other of the classes or both. If attending both classes it is not mandatory that you attend classes on consecutive days.

This is an in-person training only. There will be no online presentation

TIME: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm MT
*The class on May 9th will be from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm MT

LOCATION: Integrated Design Lab 306 S. 6th St. Boise, ID

Sponsored by: Idaho Power

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