Pop-Up Bikeway Survey
Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to complete this survey as a follow-up to the in-person survey you previously participated in. Earlier this Spring, Bike Easy and local residents installed a pop-up protected bikeway on Loyola Drive in Kenner to show residents a safer, more accessible street for people biking, walking, and driving. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be used to help us improve the safety and accessibility of streets for all residents of Jefferson Parish.
Were you able to experience the pop-up protected bikeway on Loyola Drive in Kenner? *
If yes, how did you experience the pop-up bikeway? *
What was your overall opinion of the pop-up protected bikeway? *
Not Good
While the pop-up bikeway was in effect, how comfortable was it on Loyola Drive... *
Not comfortable at all
Somewhat uncomfortable
Very comfortable
To bike
To walk
To drive
Would you bike more if there were more protected bike lanes in Jefferson Parish similar to the one that was installed on Loyola Drive? *
Do you support safer, more accessible walking and biking in Jefferson Parish? *
Please share with us any additional comments you have on the pop-up protected bikeway.
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