Gelliwig Feedback Survey Form
These questions are intended to find out about your visit to Gelliwig and help the charity that runs Gelliwig,The Birch Thompson
Memorial Fund. Thankyou for your help.
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I was Worried before we went away
I liked the idea of being away from school with the teachers
I enjoyed the time we spent at Portmadog
The bunk beds were comfortable
I got used to the idea of being away from home
I like going to the sea
Mountains are beautiful
I would go to Gelliwig again if I had the chance
I felt better after I had been to Gelliwig
I have never been away from home before on my own
Our family always go on holiday for a week or more
I felt I had a very good time at Gelliwig
I talked about the trip a lot at home
My Best memories of Gelliwig are *
Your answer
My worst memory of Gelliwig is *
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If you was to visit Gelliwig again with your family what areas do you think need improving? *
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