Mentor ETHCapeTown Hackathon 2019
Ethereum Hackathons are hitting Africa and you can be a part of making it happen!

EthCapeTown will be taking place on the 19th to the 21st of April 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa - the first EthGlobal event to happen on the continent - the event strives to attract top talent from all over Africa and abroad and is uniquely positioned within the middle of BlockchainWeekZA where we are drawing in a number of international brands, events and parties.

The event aims to bring light to the full potential of the possibilities of Ethereum for 3rd world countries by pulling together a unique combination of diverse backgrounds, creative thinking and unparalleled ambition into one room for the wildest ETH hackathon yet.

Please remember that by signing up as a mentor you have agreed to:
– Support hackers at ETHCapeTown to answer questions and give guidance where asked for
– Be available as a mentor during the whole event
– Join at least one mentor prep-call before the event

Use this form to apply to Mentor at the ETHCapeTown Hackathon in 2019. We will review the application by December and let you know the results shortly thereafter.

Data Usage Policy
We use your information to:
1 - Process your application for the ETHCapeTown hackathon sponsorship
2 - Maintain contact with you regarding ETHCapeTown updates and logistics, before, during and after the event

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