Bathtub Foot Rest Survey 
Please complete the following questions to the best of your ability based on your personal use of the new Bathtub Foot Rest. We appreciate honest and kind feedback so that we can continue to evolve and innovate the best possible bath experience!! 
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How often do you take baths?
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How would you rate the ease of installing the Bathtub Foot Rest?
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Super easy
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How would you rate the overall effectiveness of the Bathtub Foot Rest? (How well does it allow you to relax and not struggle to keep your head above water?) 
Not relaxing at all
Able to relax 100%
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How would you rate the convenience of the Bathtub Foot Rest?
Not convenient at all
Super convenient
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How would you rate the size of the Bathtub Foot Rest?
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How would you rate the look of the Bathtub Foot Rest? 
Shape is unattractive
Shape is attractive
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Would you give the Bathtub Foot Rest to a friend as a gift?
How excited would you be if your significant other gave you one of these as a gift??
It would bring me no excitement
I would be ecstatic to receive this from my dr!
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What kind of tub do you have?  *
How much time did you spend in the bath with the footrest? *
What products are you using in the bath? (Epsom salt, bubble bath, bath bomb, baby oil, etc)

When you are done, do you leave the footrest in the tub or do you remove it and reinstall it when you need it?  *
Do you use this with a jacuzzi tub?  *
How did you find out about this product??
What would make this product better??
What did you like about the product??
What did you not like about the product?
How do you feel about the product overall?
Anything else you would like to add??
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