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If you would like more info you can message me on facebook at Crafty Moms'R'us or email
Or if you would like me to contact you simply leave email below.
Our page is over 5 years old. We are now going HANDMADE and Small Home Businesses.
We offer Sales like : Triple Deal Tuesday, Win it Wednesday, Feature Fridays, Instagram Live Sales, and a Once a Month $1 Auction. We also host A Fast paced Auction/Sale in our Fan Group.
There will be other pop up sales each month.
We offer Write your own shout out that you can use once per day while your a member (weekends are not guaranteed).
Our Handmade With Love Etsy Team is active and I am revamping our Blog to get more views and have more companies ask me to review their items or offer giveaways.
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, and soon Periscope and Snapchat along with a YouTube Channel.
If you make HANDMADE items and want your business to grow join us! Even if you just put 1 item in each sale it is still beneficial as we ask everyone to share and your products could be viewed by fans in states all over the United States that might not have been in your previous networks.
We do not ask anyone to be exclusive to us. Network where you can and when you can. Business is business and growing is our main concern.
If someone referred you please note below so they can get bonus items in sales.
We love adding new Businesses to our Network!
$5 gets you 10 items to use throughout the month in any sale- You could spread those 10 items out throughout the month or use them in one sale.
$10 gets you 20 items
and there are Buy in Options if you want to buy even more items
There is a max of 12 items per sale on our page- 5 on the boom nights in our group, 10 for our Monthly $1 Auction, and 3 for our Instagram Sales.
As I build my blog I will be featuring some of our Team Businesses and tutorials.
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