2019-2020 Orchard Park Elementary Placement Parent Survey
The purpose of this survey is to gather input related to your child. Our partnership with parents is critical to the success of students. Each student is individually placed in a classroom. Teacher teams are involved in providing information for the placement of students; however, school administration makes the final placement decisions. We must consider factors to maintain balanced classrooms related to size, gender, academics, and social needs. We work to ensure that each student has a friend in the classroom. We want our students to not only thrive academically, but to thrive socially, as well. As a reminder, parents may not request specific teachers.

Please complete a separate form for each of your children.

This survey will close July 1, 2019.

What is your child's name? *
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What grade will your child be in NEXT year? (2019-20) *
For example, if your child is in grade 1 currently, then mark grade 2. If your child is being retained, then please check that box, and the grade level they are repeating.
Who was your child's teacher THIS year? *
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Describe your child's areas of interest. *
reading, math, music, dance, sports, etc.
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List five adjectives that describe your child. *
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Does your child need academic/social supports in order to be successful? *
For example; support in reading, writing, math, social skills, etc. Choose all that apply.
If you selected an area for support from the above list, please explain below: *
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What type of classroom is the best fit for your child? *
Please speak about traits such as enthusiasm, energetic, structured, patient, etc.; do not provide names of specific teachers.
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