The Circular, Digital and Service transformation of companies and the economy
Firms and industrial sectors alike are transforming the way they offer products and services.

One direction is towards the “circular economy” by making products and processes more sustainable, promoting sharing …. A second one is about “digitalization” and “servitization”, where products become services, and technologies transform the way we interact with objects and the environment. These transformations entail a significant change in the business model of firms (the way they generate and deliver “value” to its customers and stakeholders).

Course objectives:

Want to learn more about these trends, what they imply and how the are interrelated? The course will provide foundational concepts, basic scientific background and relevant examples from very different sectors.

Want to understand how they can be applied in practice (or even get ideas to build a startup based on your research project that follows such principles) ? The course will propose hands-on activities where adopting the design thinking methodology we will apply these concepts to practical cases, develop new ideas and examine their impacts

Teacher: Federico Adrodegari (DIMI)

Period: March-April ; hours: 12

Language: English
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