I-MECH Questionnaire
The I-MECH project aims to design and implement a widely applicable, modular, open motion control platform and related smart components. The platform is intended for motion control of high-performance smart mechatronic systems. An important goal is to bridge the gap between the latest research results and best industrial practice in motion control. 31 consortium partners (see www.i-mech.eu), funded by the European Commission, are working together to achieve these goals.

An initial set of 11 building blocks will be developed for the I-MECH platform. These building blocks will focus on smart programmable sensors and actuators, wireless sensors, high performance servo drives, high speed vision, multivariable and self-learning control, self-commissioning, auto-tuning of control loops, condition monitoring and multi/many core computing for motion control. The I-MECH project also aims to develop a Model-Based (Systems) Engineering methodology for the I-MECH platform.

Your input will enable us to develop a motion control platform that can solve the challenging motion control problems of the European manufacturing industry.  We are in particular interested in your expectations about model based (systems) engineering and its value. We would appreciate your feedback on the following 10 questions.
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Current motion control platform
We would like to know something about your current motion control solution for challenging systems.
Which platform do you currently use (e.g. Beckhoff, Siemens, custom solution)? *
Name a feature of this platform that is particularly useful for you, but (most) other platforms do not have. *
What is the most important (motion control related) feature that you are missing and really need for the future? *
How likely are you to switch to another motion control platform that provides better features?
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Model based engineering
I-MECH intends to implement a model based engineering (MBE) methodology to accelerate and improve the development process of mechatronic systems using the I-MECH platform. Modeling and simulation of machine physics and dynamics using lumped parameter models (e.g using Simulink) or finite element models (e.g using COMSOL) could facilitate, amongst others:

-early validation of concepts
-optimization of designs in the engineering phase
-concurrent engineering
-early validation of control algorithms and application software, validating the software using a model of the system instead of the real hardware
-virtual commissioning
-advanced model based control
-model based auto-tuning
-model based condition monitoring

A model based systems engineering approach (MBSE) takes model based engineering a big step further. MBSE aims to link all engineering data, including requirements, specifications, system architecture, models, data, test results, etc., together using an overcoupling 'model'. This model is used throughout the entire product life cycle. MBSE should give a better overview of your project and ensure traceability of parameters used within the project. We are investigating whether a MBSE-based methodology can be used in combination with the I-MECH platform.
Are you already using a MBE or MBSE approach? *
Do you think a MBSE approach would be/is valuable for your company? *
Not at all
Very valuable
Why do you think MBSE is (not) valuable for your company? *
Which modeling tools do you require/prefer to use for model based engineering? (e.g Matlab Simulink, COMSOL multiphyiscs, etc.) *
Thank you!
Thank you for participating in this questionnaire. You can leave us a message below in case you want to share something else with us. Visit www.i-mech.eu for more information about the I-MECH project and follow the latest results!
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