Endless Editions Volunteer Application
Endless Editions is a publishing and curatorial initiative focused on artists books that also produces exhibitions and events. Though work exchange hours and tasks vary depending on the Endless schedule, volunteers are expected to spend one ~6hr day per week (typically 12:00 - 6:00PM) in the studio assisting with Endless production and administration. General responsibilities include: designing, printing, and finishing artist books; planning fairs, workshops, and events; and facilitating collaborations with artists, venues, and institutions.

In return, volunteers will receive training on riso printing, book making and design, an introduction to fair and event planning, the opportunity to use Endless resources to publish and promote their own projects, and free Dr. Pepper. Endless Editions is a casual-but-kinda-serious-environment; we have snacks, music is played loud, and we use walkie-talkies.

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