NMHS 2019-2020 Work-Based Learning Application
Please complete the following application to be considered for the WBL Program for the 2019-2020 school year.  

Please keep the following general information in mind before applying.
- You will need transportation available to leave campus.  Either you drive, or have a ride pick you up.  Staying on campus is NOT an option.

- You can take WBL ANY period! Ex. You could have WBL 1st and come to school for your afternoon classes or have WBL 4th and leave school early.

- If you don't have a job, start looking NOW! I will be flexible the first 2 weeks of school if you are not employed, but after that point we will have to make a class change.

- Understand that you do not have to work DURING your WBL period.  I calculate your total hours of work, not when you work. You have to work 7.5 hrs a week per period of WBL - 1 pd = 7.5 hrs/week, 2 pds = 15 hrs/week, 3pds = 22.5 hrs/week

- NO on-campus internships will be available (Ex. Office Aids, Teacher Assistants)

- You do have ASSIGNMENTS for WBL!  Your grade is based upon job performance, assignments and wage/hour reports.

- The first three days of school next year, you will NOT leave campus early.  We will need in Room A2100 to discuss the program.  

You will receive a letter telling you if you were accepted into the WBL Program.

If you have any questions please see Mrs. Lester in Room A2100 or email her at whitney.lester@dcssga.org.  Thanks!
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