Form for Submitting Letter of Intent (LOI)
This form will be used by the GSSD to evaluate proposals. LOI submissions via this form will accepted till April 15, 2014. The most highly ranked of these LOIs for potential projects will be selected by May 15, 2014 for submission of a 10-page application by June 15, 2014 for full review. Final decisions will be announced August 1, 2014 for funding to begin. October 1, 2014.
Name of Primary of Investigator, Title and Institution
Lay Abstract
please limit response to 125 words
Scientific Abstract
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Summary of Relevance
how will this study improve quality and/or safety of medical care for little people. please limit response to 125 words
Duration of Proposed Study
Website link to PI's Bio and research
Names of Partner Researchers and Institutions
please separate using comma. max 5 key words
Budget Description
Total grants awarded will be $50K for a period of 2 years. Capital equipment greater than $10,000, extensive travel costs and indirect institutional costs will not be funded.
list number of contractors, students, admins involved in the project
Equipment & Supplies
Other Anticpated Expenses
Other information
Please submit any other information that you believe will help the evaluation committee. please limit response to 125 words
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