Women in Machine Learning (WiML) 2017 Organizer Application
Due Monday April 10th, 2017 (by end of day anywhere in the world)

The Women in Machine Learning Organization (WiML) is seeking five self-identified women to serve as organizers for the 2017 WiML events. Our primary event is the WiML Workshop (http://wimlworkshop.org/2016/) hosted as a satellite event to NIPS in Long Beach California (https://nips.cc/). We are additionally looking to host a WiML lunch in association with ICML 2017 in Sydney, Australia (https://2017.icml.cc/).

The duties of a WiML Organizer include:

· Selecting invited speakers
· Overseeing submission of abstracts
· Reviewing abstracts and working with the program committee to select presenters
· Maintaining the workshop website
· Making arrangements with the workshop venue
· Publicizing the event
· Seeking funding from relevant sponsors
· Attending to financial aspects, such as reimbursing sponsored participants
· Organizing mentoring program

These duties are shared across the organizing team. We envision each of the organizers will have a leadership role in one of five domains:

1. Connection Chair: Primarily responsible for coordinating the 2017 Organizers and serving as the main point of contact between the 2017 Organizers and WiML Executive Board. This person would be responsible for the wide promotion of WiML events and would manage the WiML e-mail account and online presence for the events.

2. Program and Mentorship Chair: Primarily responsible for organizing the main program of the workshop, including recruiting invited speakers and the mentorship tables.

3. Submissions Chair: Primarily responsible for managing the review process for Workshop presentations and communicates with poster presenters. Selects and communicates with student speakers.

4. Finance and Sponsorship Chair: Primarily responsible for coordinating fund raising efforts and handling sponsorship. This chair is in charge of providing information to major donors and filling out the appropriate vendor forms (if required) to receive funds. (U.S. Resident Preferred due to banking issues).

5. Events and Logistics Chair: Primarily responsible for coordinating with the NIPS organizers and the staff in charge of all catering, physical space and media assets (projectors, microphones, poster boards). This person should be prepared to arrive early to the events to make sure all local arrangements are in order.

All organizers will jointly share responsibilities, as the workload on each aspect varies throughout the year, and we are all here to help each other succeed.

Please apply below! We look forward to hearing from you!


WiML Executive Board

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