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We encourage all Breedable Auction Houses to show their support for the American Cancer Society by holding one or more auctions at the SL Christmas Expo. This auction will be promoted as being sponsored by your breedable auction house.

High traited breedables or those with rare sought after traits or colorings are highly recommended and are great to be used as specials if you wish, but not required. It is your auction to organize and run.

We ask that a minimum of 15 breedables be auctioned.

We will require a full permission logo and landmark for your Auction House, for advertising purposes, as well as any advertisement texture YOU create to help promote and advertise this special auction. You may also provide pictures of any "specials" along with trait information, and we will be able to help you promote this auction even more.

Auctions must be booked by November 28, 2019

All sale proceeds from the auction goes to American Cancer Society’s Virtual Reality Goggles For Pediatric Cancer Patients undergoing cancer treatments. We will provide you with an ACS SL Christmas Expo kiosk to place out at the front of the auction where payment is made by the winning bidder. You will be able to track how much your auction has made for the American Cancer Society VR Headset program.

You are responsible to find your own auctioneer. Please let us know who this will be. We will provide a kiosk to the auctioneer as well. We suggest your auctioneer should be the one to rez the payment kiosk near them so they can track payments made and inform the owner when to pass the winning bundle / breedable to the successful winner.

Please ensure all those donating bundles / breedables to the auction understand 100% of winning bid will be paid to the ACS SL Christmas Expo Kiosk not to themselves. The Bundle / Breedable up for auction is a donation.

Auction times are blocked in 4 hour time slots. 1 hour for set up and preview. Max 3 hours for auction and clean up.

Booking calendar located here
Put your Auction House name in the time slot requested.

Yellow = not available

******* You may book as many auctions as you wish provided space is available.
Use a separate reservation form for each auction time you are booking *********

Ensure you compete the entire form below, as well as book your time
You will be required to join the SL Christmas Expo Production Group to be able to rez items

We will require your store logo (max 512 x 512 pixels) to be dropped at our drop box location, or you can email to the address below. Please remember to send us your advertisement texture and any pictures as well.

Questions, please email

Thank you for your support of the The American Cancer Society.
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In order to facilitate communication we request an active email address. Group notices are not reliable, time zones differ, note cards get missed and IM's get capped. Email is the easiest way to get important information to you and to help us get answers to questions we may have. Please understand if we cannot get ahold of you with questions in world and we have no email address, decisions may be made by us on your behalf. Your details will not be redistributed or given to anyone else without your prior consent.
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