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Thank you for offering feedback on your experience with Seity! Feedback helps us grow as clinicians and is always appreciated.

Please fill this survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers can be anonymous).
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I felt welcomed when reaching out for services
Services were easy to access
I felt like my therapist and I were a good match
My therapist was skilled and experienced
I felt respected by my therapist
My therapist asked questions that helped me open up
Sessions helped me reach my goals
I felt understood by my therapist
My therapist challenged me appropriately
Sessions focused on what I wanted to focus on
My therapist taught me skills that were helpful
My therapist helped me see things in a new way
I would recommend my therapists to others
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What was the best part about your counseling experience?
If you could, what would you change to make your counseling experience more effective?
How have you improved with the support of therapy?
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5 - Strongly Agree
My symptoms are less bothersome
My relationships are healthier
I can better manage strong emotions
I am performing better at work/school
I have a healthier relationship with my body (food, sleep, image)
I am more loving, kind, or gentle with myself
My trauma doesn't come up as frequently or intensely
For couples, our communication has improved
For couples, our intimacy and/or connection has improved
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How can we improve your experience with Seity?
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