Bethany UMC Care Team Ministry
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The Care Team strives to connect parishioners of Bethany United Methodist Church with one of the various small group caring ministries of the Bethany Family.

If you are interested in working with the Care Team Ministry, please check the team(s) that interest you.

To find out more about the Care Team, please contact Pastor Scott Adams, 843.873.1230.

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Care Team Steering Committee (Identifies specfic needs & coordinates caring ministries
E-Prayer Team (sends prayer concerns through email participants)
Visitation Team (visits residential care facilities and shut-ins)
Flower Delivery Team (delivers flowers to hospitlized, residential care facilities and shut-ins)
Card Team (sends cards to residential care facilities, shut-ins, hospitalized, new mothers, those who have lost
Baby Welcoming Team (delivers to new parents a small gift and information about the baby's new church family)
Stephen Ministry (provides a Stephen Minister during times of crisis)
Grief Support Ministry (Makes phone calls & sends comforting information monthly for 13 months following the death of a loved one. Also offers support on an ongoing basis)
Home Communion Team (delivers communion elements which have been prepared by our clergy, to church members and friends in health care facilities, assisted living facilities, and individual homes)
Bereavement Food Team (provides meals to members of the church family in times of need)
CD Ministry Team (provides recordings of our Sunday morning worship service)
Support Groups & Seminars (address specific needs of Bethany members & the community)
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