Inflo Beta Survey
This survey is for those interested in testing out the Inflo Beta Platform, a social media news platform intended to improve the way we consume news online. It will entail collecting some basic info about your news habits, and then ask you to use the platform and provide your feedback. We appreciate your time and participation. Any questions can be referred to
Which app/website do you most use for news? *
How often do you check/read news online? *
Are you satisfied with the apps/sites you currently use for news? *
If you answered "no" above, what are the main reasons you are unsatisfied with platforms for news? *
Which categories of news do you primarily read? *
Now we will ask for your feedback on the Beta platform. Please watch the 2 min tutorial video found here:, and then use a a desktop web browser to login to the Beta platform at
Please share a news article to the platform and answer the following questions.
How intuitive was the sharing process? *
Very unintuitive, I could not share an article or it took me a while to do so.
Very intuitive, I managed share an article without any difficulty
What would you change/add about the article sharing process?
Your answer
Please click on an article in the Dashboard. After reading/skimming the article, please write and submit a commentary, and then answer the following questions.
How intuitive was it to read the article and leave a commentary? *
Very unintuitive
Very intuitive
What would you change/add about the commentary feature?
Your answer
Please use the Filter Options panel to view only "Technology" related articles. Then proceed to the following questions.
How satisfied are you with the available categories for filtering? *
Not satisfied at all
Very satisfied
What categories or other filtering options would you add?
Your answer
How would you rate the Inflo UI (colors and layout)? *
If you could, what would you change about the UI (colors or layout)?
Your answer
Overall, how enjoyable was your experience using the Inflo platform? *
What other features would make you experience using the platform more enjoyable? *
How likely are you to use Inflo again? *
Not likely at all
Very likely
Please explain your reasons for the answer you provided in the previous question. *
Your answer
Any other comments/feedback you'd like to share? *
Your answer
Would you be willing to have a brief chat with the Inflo team to help them improve the platform? If so, please leave your email address below.
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