2022 - 2023 back2school Family Survey
Please help ATA plan for making this a successful school year.  Your voice matters in making our partnership with our families a success in providing the needed academic and social supports to your child.
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Which schools do your children attend? *
Overall, I feel my child(ren) ... *
Not Sure at this time
are ready academically for a successful year
need some academic support to be successful
are ready socially for a successful year
need some social / emotional support to be successful this year
are ready behaviorally for a successful year
need some behavioral support to be successful this year
Communication is important if we are to work as partners in your child(ren)'s education. How would you most prefer to be contacted by the District / School when there is important new information? *
How confident do you feel in the following ... *
Very Confident
Somewhat Confident
Not at All Confident
My child is safe while at the Academy.
My child is receiving good classroom instruction.
If my child needs extra support, he/she receives it.
My child is treated with respect while at the Academy.
My child is treated fairly while at the Academy.
My family feels welcomed while at the Academy.
In addition to strong classroom instruction by a highly qualified instructor, what other services, if any, do you believe your child needs to be successful this school year? *
Access to small group / one-on-one tutoring for reading and/or writing.
Access to small group / one-on-one tutoring for mathematics.
After-School Academic Programs
Mentoring to Ensure College & Career Readiness
Credit Recovery
Social / Emotional / Behavior Supports
Access to 24/7 Homework Tutoring
Is there any other service, you believe your child(ren) might benefit from to be successful this year? *
At the Academy, how much of a concern are these factors right now that are impacting your child's academic / social / emotional / behavioral success? *
Very Concerned
Somewhat Concerned
Not Concerned
Getting to school every day and on time
Being bullied
Feeling safe
Staying healthy
Which of the following questions do you feel you need answers to and/or more information on to make this year successful? *
What is the best time for you to come into the school for parent / family meetings, workshops, or presentations? *
When coming to an event, workshop, presentation, do you need any of the following supports... *
Translator - Spanish
Translator - Arabic
Virtual Option
Is there anything else you would like the Academy to consider to help make this a successful year? *
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