2019-20 ICoach Reporting Form
INFOhio ICoaches provide training on INFOhio resources for educators or parents during the school year. For the 2019-20 school year, each ICoach must provide at least one training and report the information using this form.

These are some examples of possible trainings:

1. A district wide inservice where the ICoach has an amount of time (could be 10 minutes or 2 hours) to present pertinent INFOhio resources.

2. A staff meeting where the ICoach can present one INFOhio resource (could be 10 minutes or longer).

3. A teacher-based team meeting where the ICoach is asked to show an INFOhio resource that would relate to a lesson being planned.

4. A 1:1 with a teacher who wants to know how to integrate an INFOhio resource into a lesson. Please note: you may keep track of several 1:1 sessions and enter them as a small group into reporting form.

5. A parent meeting, PTA meeting, or community group meeting where you have a chance to present the no-cost INFOhio resources.

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