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'Building community for a bright parish future.'
CHRIST THE SAVIOR-HOLY SPIRIT is in the final stages of our Development Campaign to support and complete our Fellowship Hall Renovation Plan, which will provide our parish community with modern facilities for a bright future.

Please fill out the below and click "Submit" to complete your 'FELLOWSHIP FOUNDERS' Pledge for 2018 and 2019. This is specifically to support the Church Hall Renovation.

Note: This is NOT the form for your Annual Parish Stewardship Pledge. Fellowship Founders Pledges are supplementary to your annual pledge.

You will see a confirmation message in the browser immediately after your pledge has been successfully received. You will also receive a confirmation email. If you need to, you may follow the prompts to correct/edit your response.

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If you are in our current (January 2018) parish directory, no need to answer this, but if you have moved recently, or know you are not in our directory, we would appreciate your current mailing address so we can provide you with a year-end tax receipt. — Thank you!
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