Unite & Ignite! Fierce360 in 2020
Forge Fierce Friendships with Fire!

Experienced Fierce360 in 2017? First time dragon who returns? Thanks for returning! You get Premium access for 2020!

*** Fierce360 Fire Festival in 2020!
* Questions?
* Curious?
* Participate Fierce360 Fire Festival?
* Help out?
* Firebreath?

... Unite & Ignite! Fierce360 Dragon Community! Fill in form, connect, get access!

When? Date not set yet! Most likely between Kingsday the 27th of April and Liberation day the 5th of May in 2020.

Some boring *** Terms & Conditions for GDPR regulation (AVG wetgeving) ***
* Community access is regulated.
* Screening takes place, real life connection meets online or through ambassadors & introduction of friends.
* Full unsubscribe always possible for all private data you give to us.
* We use your private data to connect for Fierce360, VuurGilde (or FireGuild)
* We store your private data! (In the cloud, mobile devices and third parties like Google Drive, Mailchimp and other storage.)
* We interact and connect mainly by newsletter, Slack and Trello
* We also interact with Facebook, Instagram or other social & online media.
* Public interaction will always be translated into @fierce360.nl or @Vuurgilde.nl e-mail account for the crew.
* We are allowed to use your name, publish your name or tag your accounts on social media.
* We never sell your data.
* Your portrait can be shared on websites, social media and used to promote Non Profit Fierce360.nl, Vuurgilde (or FireGuild)
* Questions? Ask thomas@fierce360.nl or on Trello.

Welcome! Let's Unite & Ignite!

Thomas Meijwaard
Email address *
Unite & Ignite - Fierce360.nl Saterday 19 August 2017
Your full name *
What is written in your passport, or first name and surname.
Your nickname
Mine is Erisak Ef'Daroen El'Dareek or Erisak EfDaroen - Anyone from Horizons MMORPG 2004 here?
Age *
18+ minimum age to join Fierce360, you need to be born before the 27th of April 2002.
Mobile phone number
Mine is +, please add you country code. +31 for the Netherlands, (0)621666270 is my number.
What country do you live? *
At this moment, for example the Netherlands or Sweden.
Did you participate during Fierce360 of 2017? *
Not first edition dragon? Please name who introduced you.
Fill in the name of your friend who has visited Fierce360 in 2017 and recommends you. Nobody introduced you? Get in contact with our ambassadors, no country ambassador? Contact us.
Chose your Fire Community!
We will add your e-mail to the Fierce360 Trello & Slack community and Facebook event of Fierce360 for 2020.
Language of newsletter *
Thanks to Fierce360 Media & Translation, Anja, Hannah & Jessica.
What updates do you wish to receive?
Max of 1 newsletter every month
Wish to contribute to Fierce360 or Vuurgilde? How do you wish to support?
Get Fierce360 & Vuurgilde backstage! *
Feel commited? Wish to interact, connect through teamwork and contribute to projects and make Fierce360 and Vuurgilde possible?
Any input? Please share your 2 copper.
The END!
No confirmation e-mail! Respons within 7 days.

Fierce360, despite being the biggest project all about fun and passion. Please understand, Fierce360 is something we do together, you are no customer, you are part of the solution, we Unite & Ignite for something bigger than ourself.

Want Fierce360 to be more professional? Please support in any way possible!

Please install Trello & Slack on your mobile phone.

Thank you for joining Fierce360 Dragon community!
Thomas Meijwaard
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