Vermont / New Hampshire CDA Questionnaire
The VT/NH Career Development Association is looking at how we structure our board, send out information to members,
and plan events. We want to be sure we are meeting our member’s needs, and the needs of the greater career development community. We appreciate your input!
What is your involvement in VT/NH CDA?
What are the reasons you joined or are considering joining VT/NH CDA?
What types of events would you be interested in attending through VT/NH CDA?
What other organizations/ associations are you involved with?
Your answer
How far are you willing to commute for a conference, networking event or training?
How far are you willing to commute a lunch and learn or breakfast club?
What topics would you like to see represented at trainings /conferences?
Your answer
How do you prefer to stay informed about VT/NH CDA?
What is your work setting?
What city, state are you located in?
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How can VT/NH CDA support you in the career development arena?
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Would you be interested in joining a committee or holding an officer position?
If yes, in what capacity?
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Any additional comments or concerns you would like to share with us? If you would like to be contacted by a board member, include your name and email.
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