Community Data Science Workshop Registration
This is the registration page for participation in the Community Data Workshops in Spring 2015 at the University of Washington. More details are online at:

Please answer all of these question with as much detail as you can. Because these workshops may be oversubscribed, we'll use these answers to help create a diverse and compelling group.

This page is a registration form for people who want to learn programming and data science. If you have some experience with the Python programming language already, we would love to have you as a mentor! Thank you so much! You can sign up here:

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We have a very strong preference for people attending all workshops.
Where are you coming from?
Title, affiliation, organization. e.g., 'graduate student in communication at UW' or 'contributor to Wikipedia.'
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Why are you interested in the workshops?
Why do you want to learn programming and data science? What kinds of questions might you like to answer?
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What kind of data are you interested in working with?
for example, "social media data", "government data", or "data from online archives"
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What kind of experience you have with programming or data science?
for example, "I am comfortable with spreadsheets like Excel" "I have done data visualization"
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Anything else you think we should know?
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