Video Needs Analysis (early) (ENG)
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What do you think: how important will this video be in the business the video will be used by?
Your answer can determine price, quality, project-complexity, production techniques, etc.
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During this time-frame, how many viewers do you anticipate?
Video is a mass-communication tool, and for the cost-effectiveness of production and planning, it's important to know the planned estimated number of viewers.
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Sharing your budget plans with us not only makes scoping much faster and more cost effective, it also helps every aspect of production (planning, production, etc).
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Important: It's recommended to assign at least 6 weeks or more for any animation/video development (including communication and versioning/iterations, etc). Less development time can affect the quality (and even the concept) of contents, because of necessary compromises due to limited project time.
Please provide the tasks and scope of duty that you'd like us to take care of - according to current plans. *
Please provide any info that you think is important, useful, or we can make use of at this phase or later phases.
Examples: what assets are already available for the video (pl.: 2d graphics, 3d graphics, character-concepts, music, copy, Etc); or what skills or professionals you have access to (ie: in-house 2d or 3d designer, marketing person, copywriter, etc, and please provide his/her planned role in the project.
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