City of Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Commission, Inc. Request for an Affiliate License
The City of Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Commission may grant to certain qualifying public and private entities a license to utilize the Commission’s affiliate Logos in association with a business and/or event of the licensee.

Promotional Use of Logos Must:
• Promote the celebration of the City of Tuscaloosa’s Bicentennial.
• Be utilized in a tasteful and respectful manner.

Events must:
• Be relevant to the Commission’s mission to commemorate the City’s Bicentennial.
• Be open and accessible to the public.
• Be culturally inclusive.
• Be achievable

The City of Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Commission reserves the right to reject a request for a license or revoke a license for any reason. The commission will not grant licenses to individuals (i.e. candidates for public office) or political organizations. In addition, no license will constitute a joint venture with the Commission and all Logos remain the property of the Commission.

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