Petition - Request Milpitas City to File Lawsuit Against San Jose Over Newby Expansion Permit By June 3, 2017
On 12/7/2016, San Jose Planning Commission permitted Newby Island Landfill to expand to 245 feet (taller than the Statue of Liberty) and operate through 2041 (instead of 2025). The expansion impacts include significant increase in air pollution, incremental health risk, prolonged odor and traffic nuisance. San Jose Planning Commission negligently disregarded:
1. BAAQMD's confirmation of recurring odor and 23 unresolved violations (including public nuisance)
2. public testimonies of substantial changes which provided a basis to revise the old EIR per CEQA
3. Milpitas City's appeal and request to collaborate on amicable solutions
We, the people, sign this petition to demand that Milpitas City Council challenge San Jose's permit decision in court before the filing deadline of June 3, 2017.
We hold Milpitas City Council accountable to protect our air quality, improve traffic, reduce health risk and defend our property rights. We believe that litigation to protect public interest is a justified expense. Tell San Jose to stop bullying us with a blatant disregard for our lives, our communities, and our families.
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