Contract Enforcement Committee Intake Form
Please answer these questions to the best of your ability. Your information will not be shared with anybody outside the Contact Enforcement Committee or TAA Executive Board. In addition to filling out this form, please email all relevant documents (emails, contracts, appointment letters, etc).
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Appointment Type and Percentage (i.e. PA, 50%)
Are you a member of the Teaching Assistants Association (TAA)?
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How have you been wronged?
Are there others in your department that are dealing with the same issue?
If yes: Are you interested in meeting collectively with CEC (we encourage this)? Are you comfortable being the point of contact between the committee and your colleagues? Will you encourage them to fill out this intake form?
If no: To what extent are your colleagues aware of your situation, and how do they respond? Do you feel comfortable sharing your issue with your colleagues?
If unsure: Do you feel comfortable discussing your experiences with your colleagues?
Have you spoken to your department steward about this issue?
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If not, do we have permission to contact your steward to notify them of your situation?
Have you spoken to any other party to try to resolve the issue (OMBUDS, Human Resources, etc.)?
Who has wronged you (be as specific as possible, with names and titles of the individuals)?
Who has the power to decide the case in your favor?
What would be an ideal outcome for you?
If we cannot obtain an ideal outcome, what would be an acceptable minimum outcome?
Please give a timeline of the major events in your case.
How did you hear about the Contract Enforcement Committee?
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