Legal & Accounting Form for VentureOut Accelerator
This survey is for companies that have been selected to participate in an upcoming VentureOut program. We use this information to identify partners in our network that are relevant to you. We also share it with the investors you will meet during the program so they can learn about your business. Please be thorough!
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This is the business name we will list on our website.
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Do you have a US lawyer?
If so, which firm do you work with?
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Are you incorporated as a US company?
If so, what is the entity type and where is it based (i.e. Delaware C-Corporation)?
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Do you have a work or visitor visa for the US?
If so, what type of visa?
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Do you intend to bring over foreign members of the team for your US expansion? *
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Are there any specific legal complexities with respect to your business that we should know about (licenses, regulations, etc)? *
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