AAW Reservation Request  Form - Individuals (Schools & Organizations contact AAW Office first) 
OWC & Equipment Requests - Please review "All that Paperwork" discussed about the reservation process. 
NOTE: Most locations need 7-10 business days advanced notice. Remember that we are mostly a volunteer organization. 
***We have a right to refuse a reservation for any safety or policy reason.***

FOR INDIVIDUALS ONLY: Any reservation requests require a $50 deposit with a $2.75 non-refundable processing fee per chair. Any requests needed sooner than 7 days prior to checkout requires a $10 non-refundable fee to expedite the request. 
  • Schools, Community Groups, & Organizations: Want to make your field trips, community events, and outdoor activities accessible? Reserve AAW resources for events. Contact AAW about your event or program requirements for more opportunities to collaborate! Email Events@AccessAbilityWI.org, submit an inquiry on AAW’s website, or call 608.886.9388 and leave a message. We will follow up within 2-3 business days.
The following steps are needed for reservation requests: 
  1. Submit your reservation deposit and your deposit confirmation # will be on your verification email from PayPal.* (For questions or deposit exemptions, please reach out to AAW HQ Office.)
  2. Fill out this form.
  3. Enter deposit confirmation # and 
  4. Submit the reservation request form.
    You will receive a reservation request email confirmation when the email address entered below is correct.
  Contact us if you have questions. 
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Email *
OA4A Code (Academic or Community)
A deposit for use of AAW equipment is required for each community group, organization, or school. Please enter the OA4A Code provided for the reservation.
The AAW Policy Guide is under "All that Paperwork".  
Documents required for all reservations:
  1. Signed AAW Use Agreement and Waiver of Liability for OWC client
  2. A valid state or federal id
  3. DNR Customer ID - easily obtainable at: http://dnr.wi.gov/education/outdoorskills/idcheck.html
For off-site* reservations and most reservations are off-site:  
  1. A readable copy of valid driver's license for the person towing the equipment
  2. Proof of insurance for the person and vehicle towing the equipment
  3. Signed AAW Use Agreement and Waiver of Liability for person towing AAW equipment
*Note: only certain AAW Network Partner hosting locations have on-site usage. 

Prior to checking out equipment, we require the some documents uploaded or emailed to Admin@AccessAbilityWI.org or the Host Location Primary Contact listed on the host page under "Locations" on the website.
Towing Requirements for off-site reservations
AAW Towing Requirements

The OWC weighs 350 lbs. and is loaded on a trailer weighing approximately 800 lbs. that uses a 2” ball. Please make sure you will have access to a vehicle with the capacity to tow equipment over 1150 lbs. when you make the reservation. For safety reasons we require at least an 8" clearance from the ground to the hitch once the trailer is attached. As such we suggest you use a midsize SUV, a van, or a truck to ensure the appropriate clearance and safety. We have a right to cancel a reservation for any reason without explanation.

***We have a right to refuse a checkout for any safety reason.***

 Phone: 608-886-9388  -   Email: Admin@AccessAbilityWI.org  
Policy - Reference Guide & Owner's Manual *
Policy - Requests and Surveys *
Are you reserving AAW equipment for an organization, school, community or host event/activity?  *
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