Ruatoria Extraction Factory
Please provide us with contact details and tell us about any relevant experience you have had in current or previous roles. This information will be kept strictly confidential. The purpose of providing this information is to assist with business planning for Hikurangi Enterprises. Completing this form is in no way a job offer and there is no promise of employment now or in the future. We will endeavour to communicate with you if plans progress to the point where employment becomes available. We do not promise to reply to any enquiries, but will try to respond if time and resources permit.
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If the factory is built, it is likely to be operational by early 2019. How likely is it that you would be ready and willing to take up a position at that time?
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A number of the factory roles are highly technical and require significant on-the-job training at other locations. If you were offered a role, would you be available to work for up to three months in another town in New Zealand?
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