Joy of the Gospel Survey (#1)
If you are using your phone to complete this survey, be sure to hold it horizontally to avoid cutting off the response options for some of the questions.
Help us make our program work better for the families we serve in our parish and community by sharing your feedback & ideas on the following topics.
About you
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Your children's grade level in school. (Check all that apply) *
Keeping you informed...
How well do each of the following methods work for keeping you informed about what is happening in our program? *
Email Blast
Text Message Blast
Website Post
Facebook Post
If you were to receive a monthly newsletter from us, how likely would you be to read it? *
Not likely
Very likely
What newsletter format are you most likely to read? *
Class Times & Schedules
Which type of Religious Education program works best for you?
How well do our current class times and days work for you? *
Not at all well
Very well
In general, what class times and days work best for you? *
Weekday Late Afternoon
Weekday Early Evening
Weekend Morning
Weekend Afternoon
Weekend Evening
If there was more flexibility for when a class meets, would you be willing to volunteer as a catechist to teach or co-teach the class? *
Do you think we should add a 2 week summer option for Religious Education as an alternative to attending classes during the school year? *
No, not interested
Yes, very interested
What would you say is the main obstacle that prevents you from volunteering to be a catechist? *
Community Building!
How often do your children participate in these activities through our program? *
Wasn't aware of it
Booth at Town Day
Friend's Walk for Saint Vincent de Paul
Grade level Mass & Reception
Souper Bowl of Caring
Lenten Retreat
How likely would you be to participate if we organized other activities such as.... *
Never likely
Not likely
Most likely
Very likely
All day field trip (1-4 hour bus ride)
Local field trip (1 hour bus ride)
Sports competition (e.g. Parents vs Kids)
Fun meet-ups (e.g., Bowling, Laser Tag, etc)
St Pats pep squad (cheering section for sports/performances)
Would you be willing to take a leadership role in organizing activities for families in our program or parish? *
Sorry, no can do!
You betcha!
Do you have any specific ideas for other community building activities we could do?
Your answer
Thank you for responding! You are invited to join us for a discussion of the results of this survey on Tuesday, August 15th @ 7 pm in the Parish Council Room. At that time, we will also brainstorm additional topics for your feedback on our next survey.
Will you be joining us on August 15th @ 7 pm to discuss the results of this survey? *
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