Ad. Sales Representative Application
This Ad. Sales is one of the most unique student opportunities at Ithaca College. NOTE: This role is open to all years and majors. No experience required. The hours are also VERY flexible.

In this job, students will become salespeople working for one of the best student newspapers in the country!! The role of a sales rep. is to sell Ithacan advertising space to new clients (local businesses, on campus departments, student organizations, etc). Representatives will develop presentations, pitches, and sales emails in order to encourage people to buy either print or online advertisements. (Though it is not required, students can also assist in making the ads if they would like.)

Reps will also get PAID a commission on every deal that they make. This job has very flexible hours and gives students great skills that can be uses their whole lives including customer relations, sales, public speaking, etc.

*****After you finish this application, please be sure to email your résumé to me at . Please also feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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