Google Play Early Access Interest Form
If you are working on an exciting new Android app and would like to be considered for featuring in our Early Access collection, we would like to hear from you. Early Access features apps that are in an open beta, before they launch in production on Google Play. We are looking for new apps and games (not updates to existing ones) that are testing new ideas, user interaction flows, business ideas etc.

Please note that due to a large volume of responses we cannot reply to each nomination. However, we are carefully vetting every submission and will be contacting you if your app or game has been selected for featuring in the Early Access collection.
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A package ID may be included even if in closed alpha/beta, but the title must be in open beta (preferably with no cap to the number of beta users) by the open beta launch date in this nomination form in order to be considered for Early Access inclusion.
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If your app or game is not in open beta by the date indicated in the nomination, it will not be considered.
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If "yes", please ensure that the title is truly globally oriented (language, content etc.)
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