Report Your Hike - Challenge 3
You must be enrolled in Pardee & CMLC White Squirrel Hiking Challenge 3 in order to report hikes on this form. If you have not yet enrolled in Hiking Challenge 3, enroll here:

Use this form to report your most recent hikes! Remember, hikes must be completed on June 28, 2014 or later in order to count toward the CMLC Hiking Challenge 3.

This form may be used for *one hiker* and *one hike* at a time. You must enter a separate form for each member of your hiking party (spouses, children, friends all must be submitted individually) as well as a separate form for each hike you complete. Remember to also include your first AND last name for each form submitted; first names only cannot be counted on the hike log.

Thank you and happy trails!

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