Cooperative Care for Dogs - April 10th
If we are lucky our dogs will be with us 15+ years, and they will need vet care and grooming on a regular basis.  It is our responsibility to make these procedures as pleasant and stress free as possible.  Our overriding goal is to do what is in the best interest of the dog for a happy and healthy life.  

How does your dog react to nail trims?  Does he let you brush his teeth without complaint?  Can the groomer handle him with ease?  Are vet visits enjoyable?

Husbandry is a term that covers all types of necessary physical care - Grooming and veterinary procedures fall into this category.  We often neglect husbandry behaviors and either ignore the possible future need or force the issue when necessary.  In this seminar we will begin teaching our dogs to cooperate with us for a variety of required behaviors.  We will do a quick review of operant and classical conditioning training methods, and use both in the seminar. The ultimate goal is to have dogs who are relaxed and calm for procedures that will benefit their health and well-being. 

Join us on Saturday, April 10th from 10AM-NOON at The Greater Dog located at 1815 Greely St. S., Stillwater, MN 55082. This class is appropriate for dogs of all ages and at all levels of training.  If you want to bring your dog to the seminar, you will need to have current 2021 Dog ID's on file.

4-Hers must be enrolled and a paid member to participate! There is no cost. We will be following safety protocol so will need to manage numbers and will be in contact with families who sign up as the date gets closer.

Please register no later than April 8th.
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