Submission Form for Workshop on Modeling, Prediction, and Sensor Networks for Coastal Flooding in the US East Coast
We invite presentations of case studies featuring ongoing projects or efforts along the US east coast that satisfy each of the following characteristics:

1) Research that includes coastal observing networks and/or coastal modeling and prediction for coastal flooding and sea-level rise applications

2) Either ongoing projects both funded or unfunded, and/or terminated in the last 2 years

3) Projects wherein researchers co-design and/or co-deploy with stakeholders at the city/county/state level (federal stakeholders not included for now)

Each project case study should be a separate independent submission. If you have more than one case study you wish to contribute please submit separately (multiple submission allowed)

All submissions will be included in workshop outcomes (e.g. posting of video submissions and contribution to journal publications outcomes) and will be compiled in a summary to provide a reference point for the community on the status of solution-driven research efforts targeting coastal flooding with observations and modeling.
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