School and Library Reopening/ Return to Learn Plans
Thank you for sharing the plans for reopening your school and library for September.
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If hybrid, please share briefly what that will look like. Please specify the grade level in your description.
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Has your district leadership developed a plan for the reopening of school libraries? Please include any mention of libraries, which might be that the library will be used as a community learning center, that you will provide curbside services, that the library will be closed, etc. *
Briefly describe the district plan for school libraries (Provide a link if available. Note that this is a plan that district administrators have created. If your district has not created a plan, indicate N/A.) *
Were district librarians consulted in the preparation of district plans for the libraries? *
Have you or your school librarians developed a plan for the reopening of school libraries, separate from any district plan? *
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Has your school created a plan or made arrangements for your library, separate from a district plan? If so, please describe it here. If your school hasn't made any plans, please answer with n/a *
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